Composite Finite Elements for Trabecular Bone Microstructures

Autor Schwen, Lars Ole
Buchtitel Composite Finite Elements for Trabecular Bone Microstructures
VerlagHarland media
ISBN-13 978-3-938363-78-2
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Veröffentlichung 01/2011

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Numerical simulations in medical or technical applications often involve objects or material interfaces of geometrically complicated shape. Composite Finite Elements are an efficient simulation tool for such problems, particularly for objects given by 3D image data. Using the uniform hexahedral voxel grid, global meshing is avoided and the geometry is represented by appropriate basis functions adapted to either the object boundary or the discontinuity of the coefficient.

In his dissertation, Lars Ole Schwen describes the construction of Composite Finite Elements. After treating isotropic and anisotropic heat diffusion as scalar model problems, the main focus lies on linear elasticity of trabecular structures. The author also presents an efficient multigrid solver tailored to the Composite Finite Element approach and addresses the implementation of the methods. As an application framework, he finally discusses numerical homogenization for periodic and statistically periodic objects. The book is aimed at researchers interested in efficient numerical simulation tools.

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