Very High Energy Blazar Astrophysics

Autor Wagner, Robert Marcus
Buchtitel Very High Energy Blazar Astrophysics
Untertitel Measurement of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Four Blazars Using the MAGIC Telescope and a Comparative Blazar Study
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ISBN-13 978-3-938363-07-2
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Veröffentlichung 09/2007

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Very high energy gamma-ray astronomy represents a rather new and essential window to the non-thermal Universe. One key instrument for assessing this energy domain is the 17 m diameter MAGIC telescope, the currently largest imaging air Cherenkov telescope.

Robert Wagner reports on the observation of very high energy gamma radiation from the blazar-type active galactic nuclei Markarian 501, 1ES 2344+514, PG 1553+113, and BL Lacertae with MAGIC. For the first time, flux variability on a time scale of minutes was observed for Markarian 501, allowing the determination of a new limit on the quantum gravity energy scale. 1ES 2344+514 was for the first time observed in a low emission state, whose differential energy spectrum was deduced and whose properties are discussed. PG 1553+113 and BL Lacertae were newly detected at very high gamma-ray energies. Further a comparative study of all blazars seen at very high gamma-ray energies is performed. The text also discusses the implementation of a fast repositioning system for the MAGIC telescope and the determination of differential fluxes in the MAGIC standard analysis and reconstruction software.

The book is aimed at researchers with interests in high energy astroparticle physics and non-thermal processes in the Universe.

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